Soaring ceilings.
Full of light.
An artist’s dream.
The truth is El Estudio is Lola’s art space when she is in Sayulita. The custom design of the wooden windows is amazingly original and an element of Casa Joyero which is exclusive to the studio. Fresh air, the perfect natural light, and a window to the world … the world of life in Sayulita.
Once again, the attention to architectural detail is substantial yet subtle. The continuation of ironwork, which has become Casa Joyero’s signature, proves El Estudio to be every bit as satisfying as the adjoining La Casita. Look closely at the hand-sculpted detail at the top of the door and window frames. Feel the diamond-polish finish on the bathroom walls. The hand-laid pebbles on the shower floor.  
As far as functionality, El Estudio is fully equipped. A sink, a small cook-top and frig. The long wrap-around countertop is beautifully crafted with pieces of gem-colored glass embedded in the smooth polished concrete. Eating, working or sketching, the windows afford a street view when open or complete privacy when closed.
Artwork and artifacts from all of Mexico complete the interior design.
Waking up each morning you’ll think it truly is a dream.
But it’s not.
Enjoy the gallery of images below. And remember, El Estudio, if not reserved with the other properties, is available as a stand-alone booking.